Community Impact

The Empower Maintenance offer is simple; to engage, motivate and support residents and others living in the communities we work in to gain important skills and opportunities to enter employment. Our vision is to improve the lives of as many people as possible utilising supply chain management.

Local people are able to gain employment, skills and qualifications through apprenticeships and other pathways, towards successful working lives or careers with including in construction to help us build or maintain homes.

Some of our programs see us support community housing tenants and members of their household to live independent lives, and help them sustain their tenancies, then hopefully into market housing options. Alongside this we will invest in activities that increase opportunity and aspiration for both individuals and the wider communities we help build and maintain.

Whilst there are challenges associated with achieving our goals, Empower Maintenance works with others investing in three strategic pillars to ensure we get the best outcomes for residents and greatest social return on investment for our partners.

The three strategic pillars are: People, Planet and Performance.

We recognise that there are opportunities within our procurement to create social value by working our suppliers and subcontractors to develop and deliver social and environmental benefits to the communities we work in.