Values & Commitment

Since our inception, we still operate with the same values of Respect, Learning, Quality and Performance underpinning how we go about our daily business. These values set us apart from other builders. Our Staff are recruited for their understanding and commitment to these values, as well as for their experience and ability.

▸ People

The success of Kington’s business is based on the quality of our people, many of who are industry leaders, having extensive construction and development experience and expertise. We are committed to establishing and investing in long term relationships with clients, staff, communities, suppliers and subcontractors in the absolute belief that this approach creates the greatest value for all.
The many long-term relationships we enjoy with local councils, government agencies and private sector organisations are testament to the success of our approach.

Kingston’s staff includes directors, estimators, project managers, development managers, contract administrators, accountants and support staff. Office personnel are complemented by on-site supervisors, safety officers, trades qualified staff including carpenters, plasterers, plumbers, painters and labourers. We have access to a large base of subcontractors, each being selected on their qualifications, skills, performance and experience to meet particular project requirements.


At Kingston we recognise the critical importance of environmental sustainability including water and energy efficiency, pollution reduction, recycling and the implementation of best practice urban design principles to protect the future health and prosperity of the planet.
We are committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance, regularly reporting against our sustainability goals. While some companies don’t appreciate the importance of this, we do. It’s not “all about us”, it’s what we are leaving for future generations. Respect for the environment and available resources are embraced throughout Kingston.


At Kingston we are focused on delivering projects which leave a smile on the face of our clients. We take great pride in constructing quality buildings with exceptionally high standards of finish and client satisfaction. Kingston has received many industry awards for excellence.
Where possible we encourage our clients to allow our involvement during the design phase of a project. Experience has shown that this can provide improved outcomes for clients and also produce significant cost and time savings.

Our experience and approach allow us to deliver measurable benefits to our clients’ projects by:

  • Minimising project costs
  • Maximising value to clients
  • Optimising project delivery phases
  • Ensuring quality
  • Contributing to environmental sustainability

When we hand over projects we want to see smiles on the faces of our client and team.

Business Ethics & Conflict of Interest

This statement of Business Ethics provides guidance for all external goods and service providers (providers) and contractors when doing business with KBA. It outlines our ethical standards and expectations that providers and contractors will comply with these principles in their dealings with KBA.

The statement also outlines what providers and contractors can expect of us in regards to procurement activities and ongoing management of business relationships. Our employees are expected to maintain high ethical standards and uphold KBA’s reputation at all times and we expect no less of the providers and contractors that undertake work for us. This statement is designed to ensure that the business relationships between KBA and providers and contractors remain fair and productive.

Download our Business Ethics & Conflict of Interest Policy