Diversity and Inclusion

Australia has some of the lowest social mobility in the developed world. Decent housing education and employment are the engines of social mobility. People who grow up in social housing generally have worse social outcomes than those who don’t, or those who move out of it. 26% of community housing tenants have no formal qualifications.

The relationship between poverty and low achievement at school is part of a cycle in which family disadvantages are passed on from one generation to the next. Closing the opportunity gap in education and housing is an important part of tackling long-term disadvantage.

We strive to create the opportunity of an independent life through employment, in house services and interventions with partners. For many residents employment is now the only way out of poverty, however, some face significant barriers to entering employment. We provide skills training whilst re-enforcing a person’s sense of value and inclusion. This complements our development programme and will not only continue to be a key message for Empower Maintenance but encourage partners and others.

Empower Maintenance acts as an enabler and champion for corporate responsibility and sustainability. The challenge continues to be to integrate social responsibility into our core activities and communicate this effectively to stakeholders.