Midal Cables Manufacturing Plant

Midal Cables Manufacturing Plant

Midal Cables Manufacturing Plant


Kingston was awarded the design and construct contract for a state-of-the-art $30m Aluminium Processing Facility for Midal.

The project involved designing and building two separate factories each with a 5,000m² footprint. The first of these was a casting building which included holding & tilting furnaces, a casting line and water processing plant. The haul road, built to connect the plant to the adjacent Tomago Aluminium, allowed molten aluminium to be transported from the smelters to the furnaces, thus commencing the production cycle.

The second building accepted the processed aluminium from Building 1 and manufactured the material into aluminium wire strand and conductor rods.

Project complexities included:

  • Constructing casting pits & complex foundations up to 6m below the water table
  • De-watering the site of 200 million litres of groundwater over a 3 month period
  • Design adaptations allowing the Client to double the size of the plant during construction
  • Fondag Concrete was used, with constituents imported from France, to allow the concrete to withstand 1,000 degree temperatures
  • Environmental complexities involving relocation of endangered fauna.

The successful completion and handover of the project occurred 1 month ahead of program. Kingston’s efforts in relation to WHS&E management were rewarded by being recognised as the Winner of the MBA’s Workcover Excellence in Work Health & Safety for the project.

Design & Construction
Tomago, NSW
Midal International Pty Ltd


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