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Moray & Agnew Lawyers Office

Moray & Agnew Lawyers Office

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The 2,000m2 of Office Fit Out project involved the construction of over 50 offices and 45 separate Workstation Areas as well as meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, a reception area, kitchen and kitchenettes, 3 compact storage areas, storerooms and a library.

All the above was completed for handover and fit for operational purposes in an extremely tight 12 week construction period over the Christmas period.

Difficulties encountered during construction were:

  • Restricted access to the building
  • Christmas break occurred in the middle of the construction period
  • All subcontracts had to let early to ensure delivery of materials was not held up during the Christmas Close down period
  • Coordination building works to ensure state of the art communication and security systems were incorporated in the works
  • Due to the confidentiality of the business special consideration was given to acoustic treatment of offices and meeting rooms.

The project was extremely successful with the client being able to relocate offices to their new tenancy during their Christmas vacation period, thus not impacting the operation of their business. Significant coordination was undertaken with the base building contractor to ensure there were no significant impacts as the result of deliveries and fit out works.

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