Shoppers rewarded by opening of Aldi’s latest offering

Shoppers rewarded by opening of Aldi’s latest offering

A line of 50 people waited patiently for the opening of Aldi’s Blue Haven extension and refurbishment on NSW’s Central Coast.

Extensive planning and attention to detail by Kingston’s project team ensured the works at Blue Haven were completed safely and ahead of time to allow Aldi to open the store as planned.

Having built the original store for Aldi 5 years ago it was hugely satisfying to be awarded the  contract  for the 300 m2 extension and total refurbishment including a multi-staged carpark redevelopment to create an improved facility for the Blue Haven area.

The Project team worked tirelessly to complete the project including the 24/7 Store shutdown period. The Project ran extremely well due to the effort put into planning and communication by all parties and it was great to hear a number of comments from subcontractors such as “this was the most organised project on which they had worked” and “this job is so well organised it makes our life so much easier”

Congratulations to everyone involved from the Aldi, Conrad Gargett, ACOR Consulting & Kingston teams!

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